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Colourful dresses and clothes hanging on a rail
Level up your wardrobe with must-have pieces. Here at Wardrobe at The Cross, we’re dedicated to bringing you sustainable style staples, so you can tackle your day with confidence! Our local clothing boutique is ideally situated on the lovely Neston High Street, where you’re sure to find some hidden gems. Shop our wondrous collection and brighten up your wardrobe today.

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Knitwear (67)
Nightwear (3)
Dresses (32)
Tops (86)
Skirts & Shorts (18)
Jackets & Coats (17)
Trousers & Jumpsuits (21)
Baritone Blue (3)
Black (5)
Choc (1)
Fuchsia Pink (1)
Kentucky Blue (1)
Laurel Green (1)
Misty Blue (1)
Nude (2)
Off White (1)
Sage (2)
Snow (1)
Spanish Villa (1)
Steel Blue (1)
Tea Biscuit (1)
16 (4)
18 (2)
28 (1)
29 (1)
30 (1)
31 (1)
32 (1)
44 (3)
46 (1)
XS-S (5)
8 (5)
10 (10)
12 (9)
14 (9)
34 (23)
36 (40)
38 (38)
40 (35)
42 (26)
XS (52)
S (102)
S-M (36)
M (101)
M-L (36)
L (97)
L-XL (34)
XL (42)
XXL (2)

Your Local Clothing Boutique

We have styles suitable for all kinds of settings, whether you’re attending a wedding, a christening, working at the office, or just wanting to refresh your wardrobe. We have a wide range of stunning clothing, including dresses, blouses, skirts, and more. Shop brand-new garments or visit our pre-loved section to brighten up your wardrobe today.

Simplicity in Design

As your local clothing shop, we’re committed to providing you with high-quality clothes that feature simple, but beautiful designs. Fashionable, flattering clothing is what you’ll find at Wardrobe at The Cross.

Confidence in Comfort

We’re well aware of the need for comfort in your clothing so you can rest assured that our staple pieces prioritise style, fit and comfort, for a wardrobe that you can’t wait to wear.

Slow Fashion

Here at Wardrobe at The Cross, we believe in taking things slow. We’re committed making it simple to shop sustainably, which is we’re devoted to adding the most beautiful pieces to our pre-loved clothing collection.