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Hil and Sue are absolutely thrilled to unveil Tarka, the  latest gem of a jewellery brand, now sparkling exclusively at Wardrobe at The Cross. Taking a playful nod from the whimsical adventures of Tarka the otter, this gold-plated collection brings a splash of joy and elegance to any ensemble. And here’s the golden twist - Tarka jewellery is entirely waterproof. Yes, you read that right! Now you can outshine even the finest of raindrops or pool parties, without ever having to part with your favourite pieces. From rings that promise to keep your hands in the spotlight (even when they’re just waving goodbye to the cab driver), to earrings that will catch more than just the light, and necklaces that guarantee to be the talk of the table (or the ocean, if that’s where you’re dining tonight), Tarka is set to be your go-to for adding a touch of glamour and a wink of humour to every day. Dive into the world of Tarka at Wardrobe at The Cross, where elegance meets a sprinkle of fun.

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